Protection from psychic attacks

Some times persons, especially children become sick for unknown reasons. In these particular cases Doctors fail to diagnose the disease. The picture seems to be normal. No unusual issues like rise in BP levels, Diabetes and infections are noticed, yet the person suffers. Older wise generations call this as psychic attacks. There is some remedy for this sort of attracting negative energy and becoming sick by continuously draining the energies and losing vitality levels.

See the below diagram and cover yourself with holy syllable and get yourself high end protection.




                                         <—– Ksham    <—-

Start from front side and continue towards right mentally print the word “Ksham”.

Spell it thrice, to activate the beezam’s (word’s) power.

Add that syllable to top and bottom of your body also

It gives protection from attracting negative energies/negative thought forms and helps any individual to stay calm and happy.

Try this simple protection shields In case of no relief condition you can seek my help.

Beware of those who create ill feelings and negative energies

Stay away from all types of negative thoughts/ energies and be healthy.

Dwell in positive divine energy and be happy.

Dedicate this life to see the holiness and divinity dwelling in each and every atom.

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