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Find peace within

In the rainy season of 2013, India had 110% rains and many rivers flooded villages. Like any year, this year also, in this spiritual land all the useful water is drained into seas. This reminded me of one spiritual issue … Continue reading

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Meditate and find true aim of life

Every life has a purpose and some defined designed unique work is there. Every being life is useful to nature. Every brain is unique and if used properly can do miracles. Mostly we follow routine life style. At the end, … Continue reading

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Positive Attitude

Positive attitude makes you a unique and successful individual Every human being born on earth has some aims and ambitions. The process of chase begins with time. Targets are set and the individual aspires for success. Time, circumstances, surrounding people … Continue reading

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Building Relations

Every human being’s life is governed by relations. An infant also has emotions. Every relation invokes some kind of emotion in one’s life. Love governs life. Some relations brings happiness and some unhappiness. One of the important relations is wife … Continue reading

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