Fear and Mind

There are three states in a time frame past, present, future. One of the wonderful gifts to human beings is “mind”. Human mind has no rest. It has so many tasks from earning bread to settling so many issues at conscious and subconscious levels.

Wizards say “a diamond can only be cut by another diamond”. True… And in the mind’s game, mind can only conquer mind. A person life’s show is run by this intelligent mind. Like mercury it is tough to conquer mind. Often we think to get peace and our mind projects so many issues that happened in the past and fear engulfs us by assuming the things that may happen in future. Mind’s child, illusion creates fear- the worst enemy of our survival. If we observe ourselves, always we think about the bygone things or else we dream about future. The impressions made on the mind in our childhood lets us scared of so many things like darkness, loneliness, frightful animals, elders; nonliving ghosts etc., The series of impressions on mind integrate as memory. The conditioned mind exhibits fear symptoms. If we observe a child.., he/she is free, fearless and inquisitive towards learning new things. A conditioned elder has so many constraints and restrictions in learning and executing things. Fear is a state of assumption that some undefined disaster may happen to oneself. Mind’s memory episodes contribute to the appearance of fear at physical state.

How to use mind to conquer mind?

One can beat illusion by using mind. Well, here our topic fear is also one of the illusion generated issues.

One of the best methods is to fully absorb in the task we are undertaking. Then we won’t remember anything and imagined fear won’t appear in our life. In this state, mind will be totally absorbed in the work. Neither are we bothered about past or future. We just live in the moment that is present. Living in present is the way to bliss. No stagnation of thought clutter. Emotional memory stops hampering mind’s Free State. Life flows freely without mirage hindrance.

Always observe yourself. At that state, there will be an observer and observed. Then your functioning capabilities and life’s winning capabilities enhance by your own critics watchfulness. Here mind’s intelligence and potential work and no room left for fear-the illusion. In this way one can deal things in an intellectual way filled with wisdom setting aside fear. Here, mind’s intellectual phase is on operation.

Reciting a divine syllable (mantra) also silences mind, invigorates it, gives it strength to deal with fear and other emotional problems.

Try to explore the fear. Sit in a quiet place and watch it. When studied in depth fear loses its identity and integrity because in reality it has no existence. It is only illusion. Ninety nine percent we can get solution to any human problem. Remaining one percent, the problems which are beyond human perspective and unsolvable can also be dealt by human mind because it has got immense potential and strength to face any problem with courage. Mind has got capability to explore into the problem and find solution to it. The one thing that needs to be done is, dwell in it to understand and get solution by raising the thinking levels above it. Be a wizard in using mind’s many defined and undefined levels.

Last but not least meditate at some leisure hour, so that there will be one state, no observer, observed and nothingness will prevail thwarting all illusions that are mind maladies. Serenity remains. In that calmness, unconscious mind leads us to inner self- the real dwelling divine light in human vehicle. Meditation encounters mind, restructuring the brain pattern, leading us to bliss.

Let us all touch this inner self to raise above all the mind’s created fears, anxiety, depression and touch the eternal bliss with the help of meditation.


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  1. N.Vinod Kumar says:

    It is really atrue eye opener.I get relief from tensions by reading this ..

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