The Power of Blessings

Human being born on earth, from taking the first breath has one or other problem. Problems, difficulties, sorrows and instability suck the human with pain and suffering. In the process people start visiting holy places, Gurus and Saints for relief.  Some will get immediate relief and some keeps on changing places and Gurus for relief. What is the secret behind some people’s success? People often refer karma as guiding principle for human being’s suffering. Many suggest charity, good deeds and following one’s own dharma to have relief from the past karmic affects. One born as human being must be humble and follow the dharma along with helping fellow beings with compassion to honor the life bestowed by the almighty as this human life is the only one that has been blessed with intelligence. Life’s transforming miracles happen with Sath Guru’s blessings. The secret of this transformation rests in receiving the blessings. If we see the mythology- Ekalavya mastered in the art of archery, sitting before Acharya Dronacharya’s statue. Can we think that the statue started giving him lectures? How were the blessings of knowledge showered over him? The Lord Krishna, Lava and Kusa , and many other legendaries learned their education within no time. How the power of blessings worked in those cases? The blessings will let one out of birth and death life cycles and karmic influences. Any Guru or God is always kind enough to shower blessings upon the person who is offering prayers and putting his requests forward. To receive the blessings one should be open, free from ego and should have complete faith and devotion. Then that person becomes a pure transparent channel and can receive the blessings. When we block ourselves, we cannot receive the divine blessings. So there is a saying that “Always be open. You never know when the grace of God and divine blessings shower and shine upon you”. Imagine there is bright sun shine outside and you are sitting inside a closed room. In such case, “How can you receive the sun light?” Similarly when there is flood of blessings and we are not open to receive them, shut ourselves in ego bound illusion veil, how can we receive them? We can clearly understand the fact that one should be open to receive blessings. With that blessings and astral power, we will get self confidence, new insights and power to deal any enduring crisis and that to under any circumstances. One needs to inculcate faith and total devotion upon the Guru or God they believe in, pray, and be open to the blessings to experience the power of blessings through miracles in life. Be a transparent channel to find new light world, a new innovative ‘I’ and self dwelling divinity. When we understand the divinity dwelling in self, we understand all existing objects as reflections of self. Then there is illusion. No blocks. No hindrance to any task we take up. Enjoy the free flow of energy without any ego block and feel the ecstasy of being in a body here on this energy matrix earth. May all the living species enjoy the ecstasy of divine blessings shower Om Santhi: Om Santhi: Om Santhi

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