Leave it aside and be happy

The people of sensitive nature often hurt for simple reasons. They cry a lot for themselves. They always have moods swinging in between happiness and unhappiness. The persons who lead them to such situation are unaware and they are naturally happy. Who is going to be the heavy loser? Certainly, the sensitive person as he is over reactive to situations, people’s comments and behaviors.  Unhappiness and emotional turbulence are basic reasons for many diseases. One is going to suffer for reacting much for all nonsense and unworthy topics. A wise person can lead life happily without hurting himself or the other person. Wisdom of leading a wonderful healthy life can be learnt through learning spiritual philosophy.










Always people have wrong perceptions regarding spiritual philosophy. They think it is a subject matter of old age. In old age people don’t posses energy, sufficient strength to pursue new subjects. Many end up with lack of mental support and feel depressed owing to their physical weak state. So, the best time to learn the art of living- the spiritual philosophy is young age. Every parent and institution should try to infuse spirituality- the highest science at a young age, so that the child is well prepared to face the life battle of tomorrow.

Life is very precious. Have an aim and struggle hard to achieve it. The comments of people are part of life. Be happy by setting them aside and pursue your life term goal. Do your duty with righteousness and never bother about anything. Be free and open. Here I am introducing a simple technique called Observe yourself and understand yourself. Just be a witness to every instance. Observe as a third person like how you are reacting, what’s really happening around? etc., Observing and understanding- these two things will bring lot of cheer into your life. In this process, you understand the cause of your sorrow and the quintessence of unhappiness will flood away from you. You knew your mind and mind cannot play games with you. You can control mind through this simple technique. As the time goes you become perfect, calm, strong and cheerful. You never look to others for understanding yourself. A command over self is achieved through this simple technique. Person becomes sensitive at every instance and grows strong and unflinching. This sensitiveness is not emotional but it is outcome of understanding self, situations and others. At this juncture one will take right decisions and is poised at every critical situation.

May you find inner light and be happy.

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